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Preparing Your Home for Sale: Upgrades

by Alisa Coyle

Selling your home for top dollar is our mission here at Greater Boston Realty. We want to make sure that you get the selling price that you deserve for your Boston area home! One of the best ways to ensure that this happens (and that the sale also happens quickly) is to make a few upgrades to entice potential buyers.

Thankfully, the Boston real estate professionals at Greater Boston Realty can help advise you on what improvements should be made to your home prior to listing it in order to make it appeal to make it more ‘turnkey. Often, we recommend the following:

First and foremost, you should focus on fixing anything that has broken or worn down in your home. Fix any leaky faucets, replace worn cabinet hardware, etc.

Want a big bang for your buck? Look into a fresh coat of paint. Often, we recommend neutral colors since they have mass appeal to buyers. It’s also something that you can do as much of or as little of as you like – paint the whole house or just the one or two rooms that will make the most impact.

New buyers will do a double-take if they see that your home has new carpeting. Is there anything that a buyer likes more than a new fluffy carpet? Again, choose something neutral that will appeal to all buyers.

It’s important to remember, however, that every home is different. To find out what types of improvements we would recommend in order to help your home sell fast and for top dollar, call Greater Boston Realty today at 617-469-4040 and set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable Realtors.





Is it Time to Downsize Your Home

by Alisa Coyle

How do you know when it’s time to move into a smaller home? Some people do so for retirement, or when children leave the nest. If you’re thinking of downsizing your Boston area home, here are some questions that you can ask yourself to help determine if purchasing a smaller home is the right move:

Will I miss having more space? – Some people like having a large space to call their own, while others relish being able to spend less time cleaning the house and doing yardwork. If you’re in the latter group, a downsized home is right for you.

Can I downsize without consequences? – Nowadays, it’s common for grown children to want to come back home after college. If you want to provide a potential landing pad just in case, you may want to make sure that your retirement home has at least one extra bedroom as a fallback for family members.

Have I considered the hidden costs? – It’s important to remember that everything nowadays has hidden costs. Consider the fact that moving will cost you. You may also need to purchase new furniture to suit your smaller place, and rent a storage unit for the things that you can no longer store in your home. On the whole, however, living in a smaller home will likely save you money in the long term – and that’s what is most important.

If you have considered these questions and are ready to talk to the Massachusetts real estate experts about moving into a smaller home, just call Greater Boston Realty at 617-469-4040. We have helped many people in the Boston area downsize, and we can help you find a home that fits your needs.


Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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