As Bob Dylan would say, “The Times They Are a-Changing” With the emergence of technology, the way that we live has changed so much over the last several decades, and the same is true with the way that we sell houses.

If you’ve got a home for sale in Boston, make sure that you are appealing to the interest of buyers of all generations, including millennials (those aged anywhere from 18-35). There are several ways to be sure that your home attracts a younger crowd, including:

· An updated kitchen and bathroom

· An open floor plan

· A focus on walkability and transit options

· Flooring and countertops that are easy to maintain

· A home office or multifunctional space

· Outdoor patio or well-tended backyard, ready for a social gathering

· Access to amenities (like a gym and laundry facilities) whether in-home or nearby

· “Smart” things and other technology upgrades

· Energy efficient upgrades, with a solid home energy score

And while it doesn’t necessarily pertain to the house itself, another way to attract millennial buyers is to hire a real estate agent that can speak their language. Marketing materials for your home should include well-staged, high resolution pictures, as well as references to the items in the above list.

In addition, communication should be early and often for every buyer, especially those of younger generations who live life in the fast lane, and will often get frustrated if they feel ‘out of the loop.’ If you’re looking for a real estate agent with experience selling to buyers of all ages, call Greater Boston Realty at 617-469-4040.