Starting something new can be intimidating, and this goes double for buying your first home. Thankfully, houses are a great investment, and can provide a great foundation for a person or couple. If you’re thinking that it might be time to buy a home, here are the answer to frequently asked questions from first time home buyers:

Am I Ready for Home Ownership?

There isn’t one definitive signal that you’re ready, but if you’re in a place financially that you can handle a mortgage payment, and if the Greater Boston area is going to be your home for at least the near future, you should look into the benefits of owning your own place.

Why Should I Buy Instead of Renting?

The biggest reason that home ownership makes more sense than continuing to rent is that your monthly payments are put toward an investment. When you pay off your mortgage, you will own your home, instead of paying off a lease and having nothing to show for it.

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

Buying a home, especially your first home, is very hard to do on your own. As experienced real estate agents, the staff at Greater Boston Realty are trained to help you find the right home, and will also help you navigate the process of purchasing the home. We can introduce you to other Boston professionals, like lenders, appraisers, home insurance providers, and more.

Having a great real estate agent can take a lot of stress out of the first-time home buying process, so call Greater Boston Realty at 617-469-4040 today. We can help you hit the ground running in the search for your new home.


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