When you’re selling your home, keeping it showing-ready can be a challenge. After all, it’s impossible to keep a home picked-up and neat looking 24/7 (especially if there are children in the house). If you get called for a last-minute showing, don’t turn it down just because your home is a little disheveled. In-stead, use the time that you have before the potential buyers show up to do some quick decluttering. Here are a few tips:
If your time is severely limited, start out wherever your efforts will make the most impact. That could be in the kitchen, or maybe in the living room or a child’s room. Wherever your place is, that’s where you should go first.
Have a little more time? Use the “Front Door Forward” method. Start with your entryway, and declutter clockwise around your home. This technique will make sure that you don’t waste any time running back and forth across your home while you get ready for a showing.
Also, before your potential buyers show up, remember that the smell of your home is very important. Not everyone has time to bake a fresh batch of cookies. Instead, take out the trash, hide any pet food or litter boxes, and spray a light and pleasant air freshener – these small steps can make a huge difference when you’re looking to make a good impression on guests.
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